Poor Quality Codemanship #2

The slideshow I was talked about in #1 was about the CSS code. After I had tidied it up it was still to much hassle and to insert a new Banner image. So I ended up rewriting the thing slideshow system they made. Another cool and very lazy part of the slideshow was that Transformagency’s own Magento programmer used a different Javascript code library than Magento uses. What is the problem with that you ask

  1. It makes your page slower. Now two different libraries have to load everytime a customer opens a page.
  2. This is bad for you SEO since Google said so
  3. It breaks when you merge all the files to make your page go faster. So if you want a faster page, you don’t have the functionality Transformagency coded

Why would Andrey do that? He is a lazy programmer, instead of reading two pages about Prototype and Scriptaculous (which is used by Magento). He goes on using whatever suites him best and not what is in the best interest of the customer.

I have this listed as a bug and will remove all of there so called “coding” in the next revision. Thanks for wasting my time Ken Abelson, Andrey & Co :)

How would you feel if you paid for this mess? Feels like a Fraud, right?

Poor Quality Codemanship Part #1

One of my colleagues asked me today “How do I change the sideshow on the frontpage?”, I replied with “The same way you changed the text, there is an box called ‘image sideshow’. Just upload it to that.”.

We tried a different options for an half an hour, after which I dove into the code. Quickly it became apparent that it didn’t matter how much we where going to try, it wasn’t going to work. The images of the sideshow where Statically programmed into the CSS code…why you may ask? Because this unskilled dude was to damn lazy to do his work properly.

Also I found this gem all over the place

<!–Nullam a arcu mauris, non aliquam metus. Nam iaculis, neque at scelerisque fermentum, nibh tellus rutrum mauris, eu blandit dui orci semper nisl. Duis placerat lectus leo, id pharetra tellus. Morbi in enim qui –>

Yuuup, that is garbage from the mockup commented out. The programmer “Andrey I.” was to lazy to just tidy his code.

Even the little code he wrote was of Poor Quality. I have seen cheap indian programmers for $10 do better than this. We paid Transformagency.com a $100 per hour for this poor quality code that we have to tidy ourselfs. Does this also feel like a scam to you? I know I feel scammed.

Broken website delivered by Transformagency

I never written a review about anything online. I never complain about a bad experience more than 2 days.  So why dedicate a complete Review website to Transformagency and Ken Abelson? This week we are trying to launch a new website on a Magento website that is made by Transformagency. Instead launching I have been fixing bugs and searching for a Magento programmer. 10 minutes ago I reviewed some code that was absurd and needed to go up the Bug list. I wanted to email them to fix the bug, but then I remembered that I haven’t heard from them for almost a month and that there are still open issues on their side…so posting yet another Bug report is going to do JACK SHIT with these guys. I got so furious that I put up this website.

These people shouldn’t be in business! This is the first of many posts in which I will write in detail about how it all began and what went wrong.